advent bingo

Parents, kids and anyone who want to participate. We will have a Bingo page for each Advent Sunday. If you and your family would like to participate, download and listen in on Sunday to fill it in then send a picture of your BINGO and send it to and she will drop off a holiday treat or gift.



virtual kids choir

During Advent, our kids usually share a song with us on Sunday. We would love to continue this by doing a Virtual Kids Choir. We know it is not the same but if you and your child(ren) are interested in participating check out the info below:

  • Watch the video below and LEARN THE HAND MOTIONS to "Joy to the World" with Maggie Fischer.
  • RECORD your child (if on a phone, in landscape mode) singing and doing the hand motions
  • Please follow along this youtube video or download this song
  • Send in the videos to by December 13th


Lessons & crafts

  • The teeny, weenie... true king

    Jesus Storybook Bible (pgs 116-125)

    Craft: Crown

    Click here for video

  • November 12 - ten ways to be perfect

    Jesus Storybook Bible (pgs 100-107)

    Craft: God's #1

    Click here for video

  • october 22nd - the forgiving prince

    Jesus Storybook Bible (pgs: 76-83)

    Craft: Joseph's coat

    Click here for video

  • OCtober 8th - The Present

    Jesus Storybook Bible (pgs: 62-69)

    Craft: The ram - God provides the "present"

    Click here for video

  • september 30th - the son of laughter

    Jesus Storybook Bible (pgs: 56-61)

    Craft: Descendents as numerous as the stars in the sky! - Promises of God

    Click here for video

  • September 23rd - A new beginning

    Jesus Storybook Bible (pgs: 38-47)

    Craft: Noah's Ark, the flood and the rainbow - God Keeps His Promises

    Click here for video

  • September 16th - The terrible lie

    Jesus Storybook Bible (pgs: 28-37)

    Craft: The crafty snake and deceiver

    Click here for video

  • September 9th - The beginning: the perfect home

    Jesus Storybook Bible (pg: 18-27)

    Craft: God created the heavens and the earth

    Click here for video