welcome to kids church

Jesus called his followers to welcome kids into his presence so that they also may learn about him and experience his love and compassion. As we are in this time of social distancing, we hope to continue to provide a way for our kids to hear about Jesus. 

Lets sing and dance together

Let us sing and dance together with some of our friends from Riverside.

("One, Two, Three" is by Little Praise Party and Yancy)


1, 2, 3 Jesus is alive! 1, 2, 3 Jesus is alive!

He died for you and me but on day three, Jesus rose again, Jesus is alive

God loved the world, so he gave his son, 

Jesus is our friend, he loves everyone


Craft and story time with mrs Cat

Let's make the Cross Craft together and hear the story of Jesus dying for our sins, sickness and sadness on the cross because he loves us.


Jesus storybook bible

Follow along in The Jesus Storybook Bible and hear about "God's Wonderful Surprise" by Sally Lloyd-Jones on page 310

Click image to your right to hear the story

(If you don't have a Jesus Storybook Bible, let us know and we can get you one! info@riversidestl.org)

Resurrection Rolls!

Click for Recipe

You can make these with your kids while telling the story about how Jesus died, went into the tomb, then on Easter morning, the tomb was empty. Jesus rose from the dead and is alive! Jesus has conquered death so that you and I may have life.

As you make the rolls, you can tell them that the marshmallow is like Jesus. He goes into the tomb, the rolls. After you are done cooking them, the tomb will be empty! You get to celebrate together by eating a sweet treat!