Black Lives, violence and Jesus

Over the last few weeks, the violence of black lives have been on the forefront of our minds as we grieve the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, Protesters have been crying out for justice. Social media and news outlets have been debating and discussing this reality. With so many different voices it can be difficult to quiet our own minds and hearts and begin to discern how to respond, what to do?

We will be looking together at "Black lives, violence and Jesus" and we will be asking the question: "HOW LONG OH LORD?" We will learn together with Jesus as we open the Bible and try to discern through all of these things.

We believe that the Bible and Jesus calls us to love our neighbors including those who are racially different than us. Our hope is to listen and learn together with Jesus, listen to different friends and partners in our community and partner with them as we seek to live out Jesus' call to love one another. Below are some resources, sermons and partnerships that Riverside has developed over the years.

woke bridge community church

Riverside has committed with other churches from the area to help Pastor Boone plant a church in the Ferguson/Florissant area.

Woke Bridge envisions a community that is accessible to all in the Ferguson/Florissant that models and shares God's transforming grace, diversity, and acts of mercy

To check out what they're doing:

MOment of grace with Pastor Boone


webster/Rock Hill Ministries

We love our partnership with Webster/Rock Hill Ministries. The director Ed Johnson and their team of volunteers take the time to try and meet the needs of those in our community.

Their hope is to provide opportunites for a diverse members of our community to work together across lines of class, age, race and denomination.

More info: