Meet our Team

A Mostly Volunteer Organization

Riverside is a Volunteer Oriented Church. It is led by elders and energized for mercy by deacons. Our many children's, youth, college and adult ministries are filled with volunteer leadership.  But we have a few strategically placed staff whose task is to nurture, encourage and equip. At Riverside, there is no hurry to get involved. But everyone who'd like to, can have a role to play. 

  • lead Pastor

    ZACK ESWINE (Rev. Dr.) has served as Riverside's Pastor since 2008. He and his wife Jessica cultivate life with three children. As a "pastor to global pastors" he is often known as Dr. Eswine. But at Riverside our pastor is just a dear friend we call "Zack." 

  • Administrator/Care Coordinator

    MARY SCHAWACKER and her husband Rick have been with Riverside since its beginnings. Back then, Mary had just begun to follow Jesus. Now, Mary's know-how and servant's heart help all of us every day. 


    MAGGIE FISCHER and her husband Nik have been at Riverside since 2015. She brings 5 years of experience as an educator in the public schools to our Riverside Team, kids' ministries and amazing volunteers.

  • Director of Youth & College Ministries

    KATY MARTIN is a licensed Counselor who brings years of Young Life experience to the young people in the Riverside Community. She and her husband Jeremy  have three children. Along with volunteer team leaders, Jessica Eswine and Josh Lozano, Katy leads Oasis (Junior & Senior High) and Adulting 101 (College) ministries. 

  • Associate Pastor

    JOE CHOI (Rev.) joined the Riverside Team in 2017. He and his wife Karen have three kids. Joe brings his pastoral care and organizational strengths to assist the many different ministries at Riverside.

  • Director of welcome and visitors

    ANDREW BURKHARDT (and Kenzie) have been a part of Riverside for the last 6+ years. He has joined the Riverside staff as a part-time intern as he completed his MDiv and finished his MAC at Covenant Seminary. He has joined our team to shepherd and welcome those who are new to Riverside.

  • Pastoral Intern

    ERIC FADEL and Jess have been a part of Riverside over the last 3 years as they attended and graduated from Covenant Seminary. Eric is joining our team to help us transition to two services and provide organizational support while caring for our volunteers and different teams.