It can take courage to visit a church for the first time. Thanks for thinking about it.

What to Expect

Dress: Casual (the pastor wears jeans)

Day and Time: Sundays, 1st Service: 8:30a -9:45a; 2nd Service: 10:45a-12:00p

Where?  9440 Big Bend Road, Webster Groves, Missouri

Parking? Click here for more parking options

Who  Attends? Younger and older, single and married, families with kids biologically, adopted or fostered;  those who haven't been to church in a long time but are taking a risk, other-than-Christians who find an authentic place to ask about Christianity and long-time followers of Jesus. Democrats and Republicans; Neighbors with White, Black and Brown skin,  opposite-sex and same-sex attracted neighbors who are both wrestling with what Jesus teaches about sexuality, celibacy and marriage, oh! and lots and lots of kids. 

What do we do? We worship God if we believe in Him, we sit back and observe if we don't, we hear stories from ordinary people, we sing, we take a quiet moment, we talk with each other, we hear a message about Jesus from the Bible that we believe is ancient and true and that takes into account our real questions and applies to our relevant world and experience.   

Masks? We leave it to those coming to use their own conviction, conscience and comfort level on masks. We welcome everyone to come.