Jesus wonderfully invites us to Ask, Seek and Knock. During our Sage Conversations with Jesus, we hope to provide a space where we can bring the questions we may have, some of the answers we are looking for or frustrations we might have with life and/or faith in Jesus. Some of the conversations may be difficult to discuss or are divisive topics. Our hope is to seek the wisdom of Jesus, to hear from him and experience his gentle heart and ways. During these conversations, we may end not agreeing and that's okay. Our goal is to not win an argument but hopefully hear what Jesus has to say about some of the difficult questions we may have in this life.

Table Conversations

A small group of people gathered around a dinner table or living room with food, a beverage and conversation of our questions, doubts and struggles with faith with Jesus. (Limit 12 people)

Email: to RSVP

Public conversations

We will invite guest speakers to discuss some of our questions, struggles and doubts with Jesus.

Location: Riverside Church

Open to the public

I like jesus but not paul: conversation with Jesus and Paul

2/11 (Fri) - 6:00p to 9:00p

2/12 (Sat) - 8:30a to 12:00p

Location: Eswine's Home

Some of us may have difficulty with some of the teaching of Paul. He can come across as homophobic, judgmental and/or chauvinistic. Does Paul move away from the teachings and ways of Jesus? Or are Paul's writings based on the teachings of Jesus? We are excited to invite Dr David Chapman (Professor of New Testament Studies at Covenant Seminary) to help us with this discussion.

Limit 12 people


Jesus and sexuality in Conversation

4/8 (Fri) - 6:00p to 9:00p

4/9 (Sat) - 8:30a to 12:00p

Location: Eswine's Home

There is a lot pain, hurt, confusion, fear, anger, judgment around Christians and sexuality. We want to take a relational risk together by taking a step in having this difficult conversation. Our goal is to not win an argument. Our hope is to look and see if and/or what Jesus has anything to say about sexuality.

We will invite one or two guests to share their experiences and life stories to help us with this conversation.

Limit 12 people


Parenting Through Doubt and Faith

April 23rd (Sat) - 8:30a to 12:30p

Location: Riverside Church

As a guardian, parent, grandparent, mentor or teacher it can be difficult to know how best to walk and love the youth in our lives as they are navigating through doubt, skepticism and struggles in this life and with Jesus. Join us as we invite different speakers to help us care for the young ones in our lives who doubt.